CellMontage Search Result Examples

This page shows some example Cellmontage query search results for use as supplementary material for the manuscript "CellMontage: Similar Expression Profile Search Server".

Semi-Arbitrary Human Picked Examples, top 100 results

These examples were more or less arbitrary selected from the profiles with easily understandable titles.
GSM id Source Tissue
GSM99586 brain left temporal parietal
GSM44691 fetal brain
GSM275 kidney cancer
GSM68918 mouse Prop-1 mutant liver
GSM39957CH2 pancreas

Randomly Picked Examples, top 500 results

These examples were chosen randomly. Unfortunately the titles of many profiles are not self-explanatory. More information about each profile can be found by following the GSM link on the left hand side.


GSM id Source Tissue
GSM50068 primary breast cancer
GSM12399 Renal clear cell carcinoma
GSM102134 lung squamous cell carcinoma
GSM108377 cutaneous metastasis of melanoma
GSM40937 colon adenocarcinoma cellline


GSM id Source Tissue
GSM51113 pre-treatment bone marrow
GSM97799 brain tissue from glioma patient
GSM88996 breast
GSM114704 skeletal muscle
GSM101675 commonly used glioma line


Bioinformatics. 2007 Nov 15;23(22):3103-4. Epub 2007 Sep 25.
CellMontage: similar expression profile search server.
Fujibuchi W1, Kiseleva L, Taniguchi T, Harada H, Horton P.

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