SHOGoiN Cellmontage2

CellMontage Input data
CM format
CM Profile Matcher accepts expression profile data in "CM format". CM format consists of a single-line description, followed by a sngle-line expression data. The first character of the description line is a greater-than (">") symbol in the first column, and a name of the data is filled. In the following line, expression levels are delimited by spaces, and tags are put up to expression profiles ("Identifier:expression level"). An example in CM format is:

>GSM181 kidney GPL10 single
Hs.105700:-180758 Hs.221941:-171310 Hs.63027:-73179 Hs.551539:-66515.5 Hs.374448:-62592.25 Hs.512756:-61894.5 Hs.553554:-61894.5 Hs.517430:-61894.5 Hs.506670:-57112 Hs.552082:-48978 Hs.459632:-40556.5 Hs.97335:-38872.5 Hs.291196:-38753 Hs.55366:-37192 Hs.496666:-36722.5 Hs.386470:-36336 Hs.483765:-35458 Hs.443402:-34849.5 Hs.229414:-33399.5 Hs.19904:-33247 Hs.

Supported identifiers
  • UniGene
  • RefSeq
  • Entrez Gene
  • Affymetrix HG U133 PLUS-2
  • Affymetrix HG U133A
  • Affymetrix HG U133A 2
  • Affymetrix HG U133B
  • Affymetrix HG U95AV2
  • Affymetrix HC G110
  • Affymetrix HG FOCUS
  • Affymetrix HG U95A
  • Affymetrix HG U95B
  • Affymetrix HG U95C
  • Affymetrix HG U95D
  • Affymetrix HG U95E
  • Affymetrix HuGene FL
  • Affymetrix HuEx 1_0 st v2
  • Affymetrix HuGene 1_0 st v1
  • Affymetrix HuGene 2_0 st v1
  • Affymetrix primeview
  • Affymetrix U133 X3P
  • Agilent SurePrint G3 GE 8x60k
  • Agilent SurePrint G3 GE 8x60k v2
  • Agilent WholeGenome 4x44k v1
  • Agilent WholeGenome 4x44k v2
  • Agilent CGH_44b Agilen